First female DJ party in Khartoum announced next month

Khartoum will witness the prganization of the first (DJ) concert for women, and the company attached the announcement on its official page on Facebook while it did not specify the time and timing of the concert, which made many people wonder about this matter.

Sources confirmed to Khartoum Star that the reason for the lack of an official announcement about the time of the ceremony is due to the company not finding a professional and empowered girl in this aspect, as the male component controls this new style of music in Sudan, while the sources increased that the official announcement of the ceremony may be Early next month.

On the other hand, concerts of this type of music have dominated the art scene in Sudan during the past two years, where many of these concerts are held in clubs and some small cafes distributed in the three cities of Khartoum.

A number of young people led by Dj Physics and Dj Kont, while sources (Khartoum Star) confirmed that their wages also reached astronomical numbers, reaching more than fifty thousand pounds for one concert, which is a large number.

In the same context, the wedding parties also entered the race to embrace the (DJ) feverish, and came to the end of most wedding parties today, concluding with (DJ).

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