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Sudanese Turkish Universities Forum concluded

In Khartoum, the annual activities of the Sudanese-Turkish Universities Forum were concluded in its second session, which was launched in schools to stop Turkish knowledge in Khartoum under the slogan (Together with science, we build bridges of knowledge and communication).

The forum was organized by the Turkish Knowledge Endowment Department in Sudan in cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in Sudan, a number of Turkish institutions and a number of Sudanese universities and a goal to explain study opportunities in Turkish universities for Sudanese students in all fields.

The inauguration was honored by a number of high-level Sudanese and Turkish personalities, and the forum contained exhibitions, theaters, heritage and student activities, during which a special drawing was held for the visitors of the forum to choose two of them to visit Turkey for a week at a cost.

During the ceremony, the governor of Sennar state, in charge of Major General Muhammad Othman Mohamed, who addressed the forum on behalf of a member of the Sovereign Council, Professor Seddik Tower, spoke about the governor who announced his donation of a plot of land in Sennar state to set up a branch for schools to stop Turkish knowledge in the state.

He said that in the past year, more than 60 students were admitted to Turkish universities and were exempted from tuition fees, as well as 6 scholarship students from the Turkish Knowledge Endowment Schools, and 140 from outside the school were accepted.

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Participated in the forum from the Sudanese universities, Omdurman Islamic University, Azhar leader, Global Africa, Bahri, Nilein, grandchildren and Sudan for Science and Technology.

Among the Turkish universities are Kirasun University, Alten Bash, Ghazi, eight Pasha, Istanbul Kalsheem, notable for what he said, Polo Abant Ezzat Baysal, Turkish University Alumni Association, Turkish Cultural Center, Organization for Coordination and Cooperation and Endowment of Religion

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