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With the end-of-year holidays multiple means and places of entertainment and excursions, but there is a consensus to enjoy greenery, water, and the Nile with its beaches and waters providing all of this, especially in Nile cruises aboard traditional and modern boats.

The Nile boats are an important means of entertainment and excursion for many families, especially the poor classes, due to the low cost in exchange for a tour of the waters of the Nile.

Which includes sightseeing in the center of the capital in a fun and music atmosphere, as boats cruise the Nile water back and forth from the time of seas until midnight.

nile trips

A decline in the wood industry, including river boats spread along the Nile, which was and still is a source of its development and diversity, and besides being a recreational medium that has been used for various purposes such as fishing, transportation, tourism, etc., these boats abound in (Al-Muqran) and near Tutti Island.


The big boats are mostly owned by river transport companies, while the smaller ones are owned by individuals.

These days families and students go on recreational trips, as well as transporting vegetables from Tutti to Khartoum, especially when the Nile’s level recedes, the trips decrease in the winter because of the cold weather.

But currently despite the cold weather the boat trips are quite heavy while groups enjoy Tutti beach and cafe’s by the Nile and cruising across the water.

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