Get to know Al Kauda city in South Kordofan

The Sudanese city of Kauda is located in the state of South Kordofan, it is 96 km east of the capital Kadugli, and 65 km west of the border city of Talodi, and a distance of 35 km south of the city of Heban, as well as 150 km north of the Java and Lake White regions Frontier.

The nature

This city is distinguished by the presence of a waterfall at the Bram Gate at its western entrance, surrounded by the Serf buffalo forest, which made it a tourist city with a name and a reality, as its name is derived from the word colloquially which means the waterfall flowing from the mountains.


The city of Kauda rises from the surface of the sea between 800 – 1000  which made it enjoy a temperate atmosphere throughout the year, and is distinguished as a mountainous area and a natural reserve due to the Mawroud mountain range that surrounds it from all sides.

Topography of the terrain

The secrets of the so-called Koda and indicate that Koda consists of two main regions, according to the tribes that inhabit it.

There is the upper Kodi inhabited by the Aturo tribe, and the lower Kodi and inhabited by the Tira tribe.

The largest tribe in the city of Kauda is the Aturo tribe, and it is considered the main city for the Aturo tribe, as the Aturo is one of the tribes that inhabit the Nuba Mountains in the central and eastern region of them.


The Al-Aturu tribe occupies the fifth place in terms of population density after the Nimang tribes, the caliphs, the Miri and the Moro, and these tribes embrace the Islamic and Christian religions.

The tribe has dances of its own, such as: the Kakudi dance, Nico and Canara, as well as the tribe’s reputation for wrestling.

It is said that this tribe is the only one in the Nuba Mountains whose inhabitants can write in both Arabic and English.

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