North Kordofan
North Kordofan

North Kordofan ,the cradle of tourism and history

North Kordofan state is located in western Sudan and it is characterized by a large animal wealth with the largest market for gum Arabic in the world.

Local economy in North Kordofan is based on trade for the region, especially in Gum arabic, millet, oilseeds and livestock.

It is an important transportation hub, connecting to the Khartoum-Nyala railway, and at the beginning of several roads and caravan routes into the west and south of Sudan, there is also a domestic airport in North Kordofan.

Tourist areas in North Kordofan are many, such as the Alban Jadid Gardens, which are located south of Al-Ubayyid. These gardens are charming and picturesque, attracting many tourists. This region is characterized by the production of many fruits, citrus and vegetables.

Al-Bashiri Oasis is located in the northern region of the city of Bara, which is a group of desert oases, famous for producing citrus and vegetables and abundant palm trees and groundwater.

 Al-Rahad Turdah: It is a flat water through which a portion of the famous Abu Khabal Creek water is drained during the autumn season.

North Kordofan is full of heritage, as it is considered one of the most famous areas of heritage at the level of Sudan.

 In addition to folklore groups that reflect the overlap between the regions and folk dances in which the state is famous and the wrestling arenas that are held in the fall when the nomadic Arabs arrive.

There are archeological sites in the state, such as the location of Shikan and the Shikan Museum, in addition to Mount Sanq and Mount Hamida, and many monuments in Wadi Howar, Umm Rabi locality is famous for handicrafts in beautiful shapes such as antiques, fronds and pottery.

In hunting tourism, there are wild animals such as wild deer and species of falcons, which tourists are keen to hunt.

source: britannica

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