Kordofan Mountain In The Middle Of Sudan

The Mountain of Kordofan, south of Al-Ubayyid, is a local tourist destination for the residents of the region, where they go on their weekends, to spend enjoyable time with their families.

Kordofan Mountain is a very special place for the visitors of el-Ubayyed city where the mountain lies in all of its greatness and the stonishing view in the autumn.

Kordofan Mountain in the raining season just simply turns green in a very spectacular portrait and the small formed lakes around it.

As it is a destination for the local families to spend quality time, many visitors from near cities, Khartoum and foreigners love to spend some time there.

It is easy to get there, all you have to do is take a bus or a domestic flight and head to el-Ubayyed city and from there a 20 mins trip will get you there.

Make sure to have your camera where the surround beauty is worth Photographing and you might wanna take a selfie too.


Don’t forget to enjoy the city itself, specially the awesome local produced food like cheese, Agashih, silat and many other types of food.

Besides all of this, el-Ubayyed set a good example of the peaceful Coexistence where the mosque is facing the church and all of your existence’s right are well preserved.

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