Al-Liri .. a city that embraces a mountain resisting sunrise

Al-Liri is a Charming tourist area located in the state of South Kordofan in Sudan southwest of the Sudanese capital Khartoum and 148 kilometers  from the city of Kadugli , in an area with extensive animal, vegetable and mineral production east of the Nuba Mountains .

Al-Liri is the name of a tribe from the Nuba ethnic group that inhabits the area. The area was named after it and it is also the name of the mountain on which the town lies.

It is considered one of the oldest areas of the Nuba Mountains that humans have settled in from a very old time. Its recorded history dates back to the Blue Sultanate era, and the ruins indicate that it was a crossing point for the Nile groups that entered Sudan from the south. Al-Liri was known for her resistance to colonialism.

It is located in the eastern hills of the Nuba Mountains, it is considered the highest point in it, which divides the region into two parts, one from the eastern side and is known as Al-Liri east, and another from the western side and Al-Liri is west.

The population of Al-Liri is about 42,000 people spread over about 50 villages spread around Jabal Al-Liri which is also known locally as Jebel Al-Kris, As for the western part of the mountain.

The economy of the Liri region depends on the local agricultural and forest products, such as Qunqus, Al-Aradib , Al- Dum and Nabq , and on mining and related logistic services especially for the gold mines in the areas of Al-Qibab, Al-Tayyar, Al-Akhdar, Al-Karak, Al-Sad and Umm Qai’an.

It employs more than 25,000 people from and outside the region. The economy is also particularly dependent on animal husbandry and grazing along with horticultural products such as fruits and vegetables.

source: geographic org


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