African Union allocates headquarters in Khartoum to combat illegal migration

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said it has signed an agreement with the African Union (AU) to make Sudan the seat of the continent’s illegal immigration operations of the African Union.

Ambassador Anas Al-Tayeb Al-Jilani, Sudan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, signed on behalf of the Government of Sudan, an agreement to host the African Union’s Center for Illegal Immigration, to be the permanent headquarters of the Center.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that , Mariam Cisse, director of social affairs in the African Union Commission signed the agreement on behalf of the Commission.

The statement pointed out that the center is the first of its kind in the African continent, where it will provide services to all African countries, pointing out that the European Union supports the center technically and financially.

The statement added: “The opening of the center in Khartoum, in recognition of the role of Sudan and its contribution to the fight against illegal migration in the Horn of Africa.”

Sudan is a key focus in the fight against illegal immigration as a transit country, western countries have been active in activating Khartoum’s role to curb the flow of migrants.

Sudan, with a sprawling border of about 6,700 kilometers with seven countries, is an international crossing open for victims of human trafficking and European dream seekers from neighboring African countries.

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