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Attempts to control “Rift Valley Fever” in The Nile River State

Ministry of Health in the Nile River State, declared a state of maximum alert after the Federal Ministry of Health announced the presence of Rift Valley Fever in the region.

The state of alert was aimed to controlling Rift Valley Fever RVF, following its emergence in some localities in Berber, north of Bawqa, Ftouar, Joule and Sulaimaniya, and in the Artoli region of the East Bank.

A delegation from the Federal Ministry of Health arrived in the Nile yesterday, headed by Director of Emergency Management Dr. Babiker Al-Maqbool to find out the situation and provide technical assistance to contain the disease under the guidance of the Federal Minister of Health Dr. Akram Ali Al-Tom.

The Minister of Health in charge of the state, Dr. Abdel Moneim Bellah, held an enlightened enlargement meeting in Atbara in the presence of a large number of medical cadres.

The disease is transmitted from animals to humans through mosquitoes and infects people in contact with animals, as well as eating uneven meat and milk.

The Federal Minister of Health said on Saturday That:” unknown fevers that have spread to the north of Berber in the northern Nile state are the Rift Valley Fever”.

 About a month ago in the state of the River Nile, unknown fevers have spread to the population and caused death and miscarriage of livestock.

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