Rift Valley Fever
Source : ashorooq.net

Ministry of Health: Rift Valley fever in northern Sudan

The unknown fevers that have spread to the north of Berber in the northern Nile state are the Rift Valley Fever, the Federal Minister of Health said on Saturday.

 About a month ago in the state of the River Nile, unknown fevers have spread to the population and caused death and miscarriage of livestock, at a time when government efforts were limited to address the disease, according to residents in the region.

According to (altaghyeer) Hatem Fadl, an official in the epidemiology and emergency department at the Federal Ministry of Health, said that four cases of Rift Valley Fever were diagnosed among 17 samples taken last week were sent to the Central Laboratory in Khartoum.

Hatem pointed out that the Federal Minister of Health commissioned a team to investigate the injuries arrived in the villages of Artoli, Al-Bawqa and Fatwwar Friday, before the disease was officially announced today.

 He pointed out that Rift Valley Fever is common between humans and animals, so the Ministry of Health pledged to provide basic aid in cooperation with local authorities and resistance committees in these villages to combat the disease.

Similar fevers have recently spread in the Red Sea state in the Arbaat region, and was visited by Federal Health Minister Akram al-Tom.

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