Hamdok with Amal clooney in Defend the media forum

Hamdok signs “Global Pledge to Defend Media Freedom”

The Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdok pledges that no journalist in the New Sudan will be repressed and imprisoned.

Hamdok,  who is in New York attended the “Defend Media Freedom” conference on the sidelines of his participation in the UN General Assembly.

He signed Sudan’s accession to the “Global Pledge to Defend Media Freedom”.

Hamdok with Amal clooney in Defend the media forum

The signing ceremony took place in the presence and participation of the British media freedom envoy Amal Alameldin, famous for Amal Clooney.

Hamdok added, according to his official page on Facebook and Twitter : “No journalist in the new Sudan will be subjected to repression or imprisonment.”


The British Embassy in Khartoum commended the Prime Minister’s announcement. During his speech on Wednesday, at the United Nations General Meeting after Sudan signed the International Pledge to defend media freedom.

In addition,they congratulated the Sudanese government for joining the list of countries pledging to defend media freedom. 

 Last July, Britain called on countries around the world to sign a global pledge on media freedom and a commitment to work together as an alliance to ensure the cause is strengthened.

Many considered Sudan’s signing of the International Pledge to Defend Media Freedom signals the transitional government’s desire for real change, including respect for human rights and the right to freedom of expression.         

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