Asmaa Mohammed Abdullah
Asmaa Mohammed Abdullah/Source : TV5MONDE

Who is Asmaa Mohammed Abdullah, The Sudanese Foreign Minister?

 Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdouk  named Asmaa Mohammed Abdullah as Sudanese foreign minister for the first time in Sudan history , So who is Asmaa and why she was chosen for this job?

Asmaa was the first woman enter the Sudanese diplomatic service and joined the Foreign Ministry in 1971.

She served as Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Americas, and then worked at a number of Sudanese embassies abroad, including Norway.

In the 1980s, she graduated in the positions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until she became Minister Plenipotentiary, before being dismissed after Al-Bashir coup and his ally, the late Islamist intellectual Hassan Al-Turabi, They established an Islamic regime in the country in 1989 and promulgated the “Separation of the Public Interest” Act in 1990.

Source : Teller Report

After being removed from diplomatic work, Asmaa worked as a consultant in several African and European centers and in the Islamic Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization.

She stayed in Morocco with her husband for a period of time before returning to Khartoum and opening a translation office During the revolution, she was part of the foreign political team working in the forces of freedom and change to promote the goals of the freedom revolution and the form of the new system of government in Sudan.

Hot, important and many files await the Sudanese Foreign Minister during the transitional period; perhaps the most important is the removal of Sudan from the list of US sanctions and the list of countries supporting terrorism.

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