The Sudanese German Relations

Germany is one of the countries that had a clear position on the Sudanese December’s Revolution and showed their fully support in an obvious way.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Heiko Maas visited Sudan last week and his visit is first from an official after signing the Constitutional Decree in AUG 17th.

Joint press conference Mr. Heiko Maas Minister of Foreign Affairs and Prime minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdok

A 24 hrs visit with agenda to visit Goethe Institute, meet with the prime minister Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, the head of the Sovereign Council General Abdulfattah al-Burhan and a press conference was held at 3pm.

The relation between Germany and Sudan goes way back, Germany supported Sudan intensively and was reduced since 1989.

The German support was resumed lightly after the 2000 in files like fighting terrorism and illegal immigration but later it was paused.

The minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Maas in the press conference expressed his respect to the Sudanese people and to the peacful Revolution toppled the regime.

Moreover spoke about the oppertunities of investments and resuming of Germany financial aid aimed to development projects in Sudan.

The minister expressed his happiness of the Sudanese hospitality and the forming of a civil goverment with qualified officials.

Fareed Mustafa

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