African union board
African union board

African Union lifts Sudan’s membership suspension

The African Union has restored Sudan to its membership and decided to lift the suspension it had imposed on it after the military seized power in the country since April 11 after the formation of a civilian transitional government.

In June, the African Union suspended Sudan’s membership and activities in the regional organization, on condition that power be handed over to civilians, and the transfer of the AU Peace and Security Council. They considered suspension of Sudan’s membership as the only means to get out of crisis.

In addition an emergency session during which it discussed developments in Sudan, the African Peace and Security Council commended the suspension of its membership and its return to the African House.

The formation of the Sudanese government, including the appointment of Sudan’s first woman foreign minister, marks the beginning of a new era and determination of the Sudanese to press ahead with their aspirations, said AU Commission Chairman Moussa Faki on twitter.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the decision of the African Peace and Security Council to lift the suspension of Sudan’s membership from the African Union and to freeze its activities in accordance with its previous decision on 27 June 2019.

The ministry stressed in a statement yesterday evening, Sudan’s commitment to the goals and objectives of the African Union as a founding state of the Organization of African Unity.

The statement expressed Sudan’s full conviction of African collective action as a way to achieve the objectives of the peoples of the continent in the economic well-being and social growth and the promotion of the values ​​of democracy and adhere to and work to uphold them. 

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