Sudan: Aftica Can Always Heal “TMC” & “DFCF” Agreed

For over seven months in Sudan, The strugle for freedom, peace and justice continued and went through many stage between sadness and occaional happyness.

Demands of the streets went high, sometimes higher than it’s repsentative.

Sudanese Porfessional Association took the role of leading the protesters and did a pretty good job at it, earning the faith of people.

On JAN 2019 the SPA signed joint with opposition parties resulted the Declaration of freedom and change forces.

11th of April the regime went down after a people started the Army Headquarter’s sit-in.

The Military Council took over the country and declared they came for people and the will of the streets and they’re ready to negotiate sharing power.

The negotiation launched between DFCF and TMC, it was a long process between ups and down.

The situation and negotiation went ugly after the brutal counterbreak of the headquater sit-in and the escalation on the streets while the negotaition suspended.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed visited Sudan and took a gesture to mediate between the two sides and later his efforts were followed by the African Union.

The joint efforts of AU and Ethiopia were well received and went successfuly.

In the last few days the negotiation stumbled by the TMC demading amunity for its members and denied by DFCF. Until today this issue isn’t settled yet.

Agreement signatures “TMC” “DFCF” “AU” and Ethiopian mediater

Today July 17 with the precense of the AU and the Ethiopian mediaters, a political agreement was successfuly signed by the Ethiopian mediater tears of Joy.

Proving that Africa can Always heal it self.

Fareed Elkhalefa
Source: Khartoumstar

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