Sadiq al-Mahdi with the Egyptian artist Muhamad Munir

The Umma Party announced a side on the general strike

The Umma Party, led by Sadiq al-Mahdi, announced its rejection of the general strike in Sudan, which is to be held on Tuesday and Wednesday by the forces of change, of which the party is a component.

The party called on Sunday to re-freeze the unions of origin, stressing his keenness to continue understanding with the military council.

It is noteworthy that the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, which leads the protests in Sudan, announced yesterday a strike in public and private institutions and companies, in light of the failure to reach a compromise solution with the Transitional Military Council on the sovereign council.

The forces of freedom and change in a statement: It announced the start of a strike in private and public institutions and professional sectors, next Tuesday.

Freedom and change have stressed that negotiations with the Transitional Military Council remain a single point of contention, namely, the formation of the sovereign council, and that they demand a civilian majority and a rotating presidency.

She pointed out that as a result of the “divergence of the situation with the Transitional Council, the matter has been transferred to the technical committees to bring the views closer, while the military junta maintained a military majority and the presidency of the sovereign council.”

Source: RakoobaNews

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